Water Research and Education

Cross-Cutting Methods & Competencies

The scientifc education is complemented by a comprehensive education in methods and technical skills.

The students select modules with at least 12 CP in total. Additional modules may also be taken as Supplementary Modules within the Profile Studies. In line with the international orientation of the programme, language courses with up to 6 CP can be taken in the module ‘Language Skills’.

The module options in the subject Cross-Cutting Methods & Competencies are (scope, language of instruction):

  • CC471: Experiments in Fluid Mechanics (6 CP, German/English)

  • CC771: Data Analysis & Environmental Monitoring (9 CP, English/German)

  • CC371: Water Ecology (6 CP, English)

  • CC921: Instrumental Analysis (6 CP, English)

  • CC922: Microbial Diversity (9 CP, German)

  • CC791: Infrastructure Planning – Socio-economic & Ecological Aspects (6 CP, English)

  • CC792: Environmental Communication (6 CP, German)

  • CC772: Introduction to Matlab (3 CP, English)

  • CC911: Probability & Statistics (3 CP, English)

  • CC931: Remote Sensing & Positioning (6 CP, English)

  • CC933: Introduction to GIS (6 CP, German)

  • CC935: Spatial Data Infrastructures & Web Services  (4 CP, German)

  • CC912: Numerical Mathematics  (6 CP, German)

  • CC949: Language Skills (2-6 CP)