Special Circumstances

Maternity Leave, Parental Leave and Family Commitments

Maternity leave according to the legal regulations interrupts any time period set by the examination regulations. Parental leave and family commitments, for example time needed for caring of family members, can also be handled with modified time periods for exams.

In all these cases, a request in writing including supporting documents is to be submitted to the exams committee via the study advisor.

In the case of parental leave, the exam committee has to be informed in writing at least four weeks in advance about the duration of the parental leave. If the conditions are met that would allow parental leave for employees, the time periods for exams will be modified for the student.

The time period for the master’s thesis cannot be interrupted due to parental leave or family commitments. In these cases, the registration of the master’s thesis is cancelled, and a new topic will be assigned to the student.

Further Information

Student Representatives - AStA [in German]
KIT Study Advisory Service [in German]


Students with physical challenges or chronic illness

Students with physical challenges or chronic illness can get compensation for possible disadvantages (“Nachteilsausgleich”). They may be granted preferential access to place-limited courses, modification of the sequence of courses according to their needs, or modifications of the form or conditions of exams.

Students should contact the study advisor in order to prepare a request in writing to the exam committee including supporting documents. The exam committee decides on the modified details of the courses and exams, respectively, in accordance with the student and the examiners.

Examples of possible compensations of disadvantages:

  • Modified form of exams, for instance oral exams instead of written exams, and vice versa
  • Conducting exams in a separate room
  • Permission for utilities and assistance, e.g., of a sign language interpreter
  • Additional breaks during time-limited exams
  • Extension of the periods between exams


Further information:

KIT International Office