Modules in the Subject 'Advanced Fundamentals'

Students acquire broad and in-depth knowledge of water-related scientific and engineering fundamentals

The subject ‘Advanced Fundamentals’ includes the following modules (taught in English):

  •  AF101: Modeling of Water and Environmental Systems (compulsory)
  •  AF201: Fundamentals of Water Quality
  •  AF301: Urban Water Infrastructure and
  •  AF401: Advanced Fluid Mechanics

  •  AF501: Numerical Fluid Mechanics

  •  AF601: Hydraulic Engineering
  •  AF701: Water and Energy Cycles

  •  AF801: Hydrogeology

The module ‘Modeling of Water and Environmental Systems’ is compulsory for all students. Four of the seven modules AF201 – AF801 are chosen in addition. It is advisable to consider including the basic modules for the chosen profile, which are:

  • for Profile A: AF201 and AF301,
  • for Profile B: AF401, AF501 and AF601,
  • for Profile C: AF701 and AF801.