Water research at KIT covers a wide range of water sciences and engineering fields such as Hydrogeology, Hydrology, Aquatic Ecology, Fluid-Mechanics, Hydraulic Engineering, and Water Chemistry and Water Technology. Our research aims at an improved understanding of the role of the water cycle and related transport of matter for the functioning of environmental systems. We focus on the synthesis and implementation of foresightful and sustainable water resources management concepts and related technology.

In teaching, water plays also an important role: Several bachelor's and master's degree programs with a strong link to water are offered at KIT.


Harald KunstmannAnatoli Oskin
Harald Kunstmann: 'There will also be problems with water availability in Germany'

Harald Kunstmann received the German Hydrology Award 2024 from the German Hydrological Society in Berlin on 20 March 2024 for his outstanding achievements in hydrology in German-speaking countries. 

2024_03_amazonas-DSC00620Florian Wittmann
Re-measuring the diversity of Amazon trees

KIT researchers prove the great ecological importance of seasonal floodplains - Publication in Nature Ecology & Evolution.

2024_010_Membrantechnologie_Tiefer Blick in winzige Poren_2IAMT, KIT
Membrane Technology: Looking Deep into Smallest Pores

KIT researchers study the adsorption of micropollutants by vertically aligned carbon nanotubes – Publication in Nature Communications.

Pilotanlage für die PhosphorrückgewinnungKIT
Pilot plant for phosphorus recovery

The Competence Center for Material Moisture at KIT and the Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research – Atmospheric Aerosol Research are cooperating in the field of phosphorus recovery. Years of research are now to be transferred into a pilot plant based on the P-RoC process patented by KIT.