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Documents for Download

Module Handbook and Class Schedule


Current module handbook

Module handbook (updated on 30 September 2021; pdf 1.3 MB)

Changelog and old versions of MHB

Please follow also the general information of KIT about the courses in the winter term 2021!

Class Schedule

Check the KIT University Calendar for detailed and updated info on class hours

Overview on the Class Schedule for your planning (as of 12 Mar 2021; pdf 400 kB)


Statutes and Regulations

Studien- und Prüfungsordnung; Zugangssatzung (in German)



 Form for preparation of an individual curriculum

The data in this form was compiled carefully, errors and omissions excepted.


Registration of Study Projects and Exams

The form for registering study projects is available for download here. Please fill the first part of the respective form and have it stamped by "Studiengangservice Bau-Geo-Umwelt" (Room 312, 10.81) before you hand it to the examiner to finally register.

Form for Registering a Study Project (Studiengangservice BGU)


Registration of Exams

Exams should be registered online. If the registration is not possible, even though the exam is made available by the examiners and the registration period is active, please contact the study program service BGU.

Only in exceptional cases you should require this form for registering exams (Studiengangservice BGU).


Recognition of Accomplishments

Form AV:
Request for recognition of external credits as equivalent modules

Form AN:
Request for recognition of external modules

The forms including all necessary documents are to submitted to the study advisor, who will transfer it to the examination committee and the KIT administration.


Recognition of External Credits

Recognition of external accomplishments, for example credits obtained in other master’s programs or at other universities, has to be requested using the respective form of the examination committee.

If the accomplishments are equivalent to modules in the curriculum, this is confirmed by the respective lecturers on the form AV.

Accomplishments that are not equivalent to modules in the curriculum can be accredited if the acquired competences contribute to the qualification goals of the master’s program. If necessary, an individual curriculum has to be compiled and approved by the mentor. After having received a request using form AN, the examination committee decides on which accomplishments are accredited and which parts of the curriculum may be replaced.


Recognition of Accomplishments Obtained Outside of the Higher Education System

Accomplishments made outside of the higher education system, as for example vocational training, can be accredited if the acquired competences contribute to the qualification goals of the master’s program. Recognition is requested with the respective form of the examination committee (AV or AN).
The examination committee verifies to which extent the acquired knowledge and capabilities can be recognized, and which parts of the program they can replace. At maximum, 50 % of the university education can be replaced.


Other Forms

Other forms (in German) are available from the examination committee. Please contact your study advisor.