The master's degree program is open for admission in both winter and summer semester, starting in October and April, respectively.

The application deadlines are

  • 15th June for the next winter semester,
  • 30th November for the next summer semester.

Please ensure that your application including all required documents is uploaded to the KIT application portal by the deadline date.

Required documents

  • Transcript of records
  • Certificate of bachelor's degree (including diploma supplement, if available)*
  • Certificate of English language proficiency
  • Proof of extracurricular achievements, if applicable

Please make sure you upload official documents detailing the scope of the courses for the entry requirements (credit points, class hours). It would be very much appreciated if you list your courses for the entry requirements by filling out this form. A motivation letter is welcome, but not compulsory. It is sufficient to submit ordinary copies/scans (not authenticated) with your application.

*If you are about to finish your bachelor's degree, but the degree certificate is not iussed by the time of your application, please submit a current version of your transcript of records. The bachelor's certificate must be handed in at latest two months after the beginning of the semester for which provisional admission was granted.

Online Application Portal

You can only apply online; the online portal will open about one month before the application deadlines end:

Online portal for international applicants 

Online portal for German applicants

We will be glad to inform you about the start of the application portal if you send us a short e-mail.

faq for the application procedure

After submitting the application do I need to send the hard copies through post to the university?
No, uploading scans of the documents is sufficient. But the original documents are required for the enrollment here in Germany.
I don't have an appropriate English language certificate yet. Can I still apply?
The required language certificate can be uploaded later but has to be presented upon enrollment at the latest, as stated in the university regulations. Please be aware that it might already be required to get the necessary visa. Any admission is on the condition that you have the language certificate when enrolling here in Germany.
Can I also submit an IELTS Indicator or Duolingo English Test?
No, an IELTS indicator test is not enough. Duolingo Tests are not accepted, either.
What is the "HZB" in the application form?
The "HZB" is your university entrance qualification, i.e. "Proof of university entrance qualification" or "high school diploma/school leaving certificate"(HZB=Hochschulzugangsberechtigung)
What is the "MZB" in the application form?
The "MZB" is your degree that qualifies you for a master's program, i.e. your bachelor degree.