Water Research at KIT

Research at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) comprises the entire regional cycles of water and matter in natural and man-made environments, reaching from the micro scale to river basins.

KIT has a number of working groups with about 200 scientists who cover a broad range in water research:

  • Process research on water and matter cycles in all environmental compartments,
  • Process research and development of technologies for water treatment,
  • Development and application of numerical and physical models, and
  • All aspects of integrated water ressources management.

The institutes involved are well equipped with laboratories (for example water chemistry, fluid mechanics, hydraulic engineering, microbiology, geochemistry), field observatories (for example TERENO Pre-Alpine Observatory [TERrestrial ENviromental Observatories], several national and international measurement sites and catchments), and large equipment (for example cloud chamber AIDA, NMR, computing clusters).

Water research at KIT is linked to the KIT Climate and Environment Centre, to the Water Research Network Baden-Württemberg, and to the Helmholtz Water Network.

Examples of joint projects:

ViTamins - Invigorating Hydrological Science and Teaching: Merging Key Legacies with new Concepts and Paradigms
Coordination: Prof. Dr. Erwin Zehe (IWG)
Working groups: IWG, IfH a.o.
Funding: VolkswagenStiftung
Funding period: 20222028
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ESI-CorA - Systematic Monitoring of SARS-CoV-2 in Wastewater
Coordination: Dr. Verena Höckele (PTKA)
Working groups: PTKA, EBI a.o.
Funding: EU, Emergency Support Instrument (ESI)
Funding period: 20212023
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DAMAST - Technologies for the Safe and Efficient Operation of Water Reservoirs
Coordination: Prof. Dr. Frank Schilling (AGW)
Working groups: IWG, GPI, GIK, IPF, CEDIM a.o.
Funding: BMBF
Funding period: 20192022
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ViWaT-Engineering - Water, Energy and Construction Technologies
Coordination: Prof. Dr. Franz Nestmann (IWG)
Working groups: IWG, AGW, IPF, IMK a.o.
Funding: BMBF
Funding period: 20182021
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V-For-WaTer - Virtual research environment for water and terrestrial environmental research
Coordination: Dr. Sibylle Haßler (IWG)
Working groups: IWG, SCC
Funding: MWK Baden-Württemberg, KIT
Funding period: ssince 2016
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KARMA - Karst Aquifer Resources availability and quality in the Mediterranean Area (KARMA)
Coordination: Prof. Dr. Nico Goldscheider (AGW)
Funding: BMBF
Funding period: 2019–2022
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Conti-Bio-Elect - Continious bioproduction using a tailored biocatalyst for electrode assisted fermentation
Coordination: Prof. Dr. Harald Horn (EBI)
Funding: BMBF
Funding period: 2020–2022
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