Water Research at KIT

Research at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) comprises the entire regional cycles of water and matter in natural and man-made environments, reaching from the micro scale to river basins.

A special focus is on the following topics:

  • Process research on water and matter cycles in all environmental compartments,
  • Fundamental research and development of technologies for water treatment,
  • Development and application of numerical and physical models, and
  • All aspects of integrated water ressources management.

Examples of joint projects:

 CHARMANT - Charakterisierung, Bewertung und Management von urbanen Grundwasserleitern K. Menberg, KIT

Characterization, Assessment and Management of Urban Aquifers

Groups involved: AGW Engineering Geology and others

Invigorating Hydrological Science and Teaching: merging key Legacies with new Concepts and Paradigms (ViTamins) IWG, KIT

Invigorating Hydrological Science and Teaching: Merging Key Legacies with New Concepts and Paradigms

Groups involved: IWG, SCC and others

Damast - Dams and Induced Seismicity Damast

Dams and Induced Seismicity

Groups involved: AGW, IWG, GPI, GIK, IPF, CEDIM and others

VForWater - Virtuelle Forschungsumgebung für die Wasser- und Umweltforschung IWG, KIT

Implementation of an Infrastructure for Data-Based Learning in Environmental Sciences

Groups involved: IWG, SCC

ClimXtreme IMK-TRO

A Research Network on Climate Change and Extreme Events

IMK-TRO coordinates 5 projects 

KARMA - Karst Aquifer Resources availability and quality in the Mediterranean Area AGW, KIT

Karst Aquifer Resources Availability and Quality in the Mediterranean Area

Groups involved: AGW Hydrogeology and others


The institutes involved are well equipped with laboratories (for example water chemistry, hydraulic engineering, geochemistry), field observatories (for example TERENO Pre-Alpine Observatory (TERrestrial ENviromental Observatories), several national and international measurement sites and catchments), and large equipment (for example cloud chamber AIDA, NMR, computing clusters).

Water research at KIT is linked to the KIT Climate and Environment Centre, to the Water Research Network Baden-Württemberg, and to the Helmholtz Water Network.