Candidate Selection and Interview

Candidate Selection

Candidates are selected according to their final grade, academic and extracurricular achievements, and an interview:

  1. The final grade is rated with up to 45 points;
  2. Academic achievements are rated with up to 45 points (0.5 point per ECTS):
    • Higher Mathematics with a scope of up to 20 ECTS,
    • Science and engineering fundamentals  such as physics, mechanics, chemistry, biology, or thermodynamics with a scope of up to 35 ECTS,
    • Water-related engineering or natural sciences such as water management, hydrology, hydraulic engineering, sanitary engineering, fluid mechanics, water treatment, hydrogeology, physical geography, soil science, environmental sciences, or hydrometeorology with a scope of up to 35 ECTS;
  3. Extracurricular achievements, like scientific publications, prizes, or work experience in the water sector, are rated with up to 10 points.
  4. Candidates are selected for an interview according to their points from steps 1-3. The number of selected candidates is at least twice the number of available places.



Interviews of about 20 minutes are part of the selection process. The interviews aim at assessing whether the selected applicants are able and motivated to successfully complete the master's program within the regular study period. The applicants have to show that they can apply the knowledge from their previous studies to basic problems in water-related engineering and sciences. Problem areas include:

  • transport and transformation processes in natural or urban water cycles,
  • description and analysis of aquatic systems,
  • balance approaches and dimensioning.

In addition, the performance during the interview is also evaluated in terms of terminology, approach to the problems, and the conclusiveness of the argumentation.The ability of the applicant to methodically discuss problems in intercultural contexts will also be evaluated.



The performance during the interview is rated on a scale of 0 to 100 points. The competence of the applicant to relate the contents of his/her professional training on scientific questions and objectives of water-related engineering and natural sciences is rated with up to 50 points. With up to 30 points, the motivation and study plan of the prospective student are rated. The ability to discuss subject-specific problems methodically is rated with up to 20 points.


Time and Notification

The interviews are likely to be held three to six weeks after the application deadlines. Time and place of the interview are announced by e-mail one week in advance at the latest. Interviews may be conducted by telephone and by internet as video conference.


The fine print 

The interview will be rated with 0 points if the applicant does not appear for the appointment without a good cause. Abandoning the interview after it starts is rated according to the results achieved up to this point. The applicant is entitled to participate again in the next appointment at the KIT if it is immediately proven in writing that the absence or the abandoning of the interview was due to an important reason. In case of illness, a medical certificate must be presented.

If the applicant attempts to influence the outcome of the interview by cheating, the interview will be rated with 0 points. An applicant who disturbs the proper procedure of interview may be excluded from the interview. In this case the interview will be rated with 0 points.